Control Mirror

Hey, so I wrote a tool for riggers who find themselves having to tediously mirror the controls they created! Download here!

Simply, what it does:

The tool allows the user to simply select a control and choose an axis to mirror that control’s behavior over. Typical axis are available (XY, YZ, XZ). This allows the rigger to focus less on the creation and placement of controls, and focus more on the creation of functionality!

The tools functionality is achieved through the use of orient and point constraints that snap a joint to the position of a control. The joint is then mirrored and a duplicate of the control is made. The duplicate control is then point and orient constrained to the new joint and all the constraints and joints are deleted, leaving only the controls.

This tool can be used with any number of selected controls.

What it needs:

The tool requires one or more control/object to be selected and a specified axis to be given.

Don’t know how to install a script? Click here!

In Maya save the following to your shelf or execute in the script editor:

import mirrorControls

That’s all there is to it! Run the tool and enjoy!

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or issues with the tool.

Here’s another link to the tool.