Face Mirror

Hey, so I wrote a new tool for the ease of mirroring legs and arms etc. across a character! Download here!

Simply, what it does:

The tool mirrors and attaches faces across specified planes of a mesh. Say you have a character that you’ve modeled, with one arm the exact way you want it. It’s a hassle to have to extract those faces, mirror them and merge those vertices over! This tool does all the work with only a few inputs!

What it needs:

The tool needs the name of your mesh (Select the mesh and click the >> button) and it needs you to select the faces on that mesh that you want to mirror over! The default mirroring axis is X, if you want to mirror along another axis, just right click the Mirror Selection button and choose your preferred axis.

Don’t know how to install a script? Click here!

In Maya save the following to your shelf or execute in the script editor:

import faceMirror

That’s all there is to it! Run the tool and enjoy!

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or trials with the tool. There’s a help button if you need a reminder of how to use the tool later on!

Here’s another link to the tool.