Agents of Mayhem

  • Skills/Tools Used - Proprietary Engine, Autodesk MotionBuilder/Maya/3dsMax, Python, Maxscript, Character/Facial Rigging, Cloth Simulation, Pipeline Development

Agents of Mayhem is the latest open world, sandbox game from Deep Silver Volition – makers of the Saint’s Row series.

I was the Technical Animation Lead for Agents of Mayhem, responsible for…

  • Assisting Project Directors in setting, communicating and driving the quality bar.
  • Conducting critique and approvals for cloth simulation, character rigs, and prop skinning.
  • Organizing and assessing priorities of assets.
  • Continually auditing pipelines & tools to ensure efficiency.
  • Skinning and rigging our cast of 12 playable agents, 9 enemy types and 5 bosses.
  • Supporting day to day animation asset creation ( gameplay & cinematic ).

Please contact me for more detail on the above responsibilities.

Links to the other two videos referenced in the video above. Video 1 ( Animation ) | Video 2 ( Soft Body )

For more public project information, check out

Check out the streamĀ “Animating an Agent of Mayhem” for more information on AOM’s animation systems.