Automatic Facial Rig

  • Skills/Tools Used - MEL for GUI and animation connection, Python/PyMEL for automatic joint and constraint set up, Maya for Character Rigging

My attention recently has been focused towards facial rigging as it’s usually the most complicated and time intensive aspect of rigging for games and production.

I made this system to tackle a large problem:

Blend shapes on a AAA scale require a huge amount of detail and take a lot of time to make. To solve this, instead of each blend shape being unique to each character, we make a single master set of blend shapes. These will move large forms ( which bones are good at ) and be applied to any mesh. If required, we can later rely on character specific pose space deformers to tweak how each characters geometry is affected by the underlying bone movement.

System currently features:

  • Complete rig-able facial skeleton.
  • Zero’d offset controls which are easily adjustable for shaping around any mesh.
  • Complete facial GUI for easy animation and control.
  • Expandable morph library.

But that’s not all!

Below is a download link to an automated set up script I wrote available for Autodesk Maya! Please download it and let me know what you think!

For more information and a demonstration video of the script, click here!