SDK Copier/Mirror

Hey, so I wrote a tool for the tedious act of copying and mirroring set driven keys across characters while rigging or complex animations! Download here!

Simply, what it does:

The tool mirrors set driven keys based on naming conventions and object prefix’s. Input a source control, select the attribute that drives the SDK, input a target control and specify the prefix you’re using. Click either the Mirror or Copy button. Mirror flips the set driven keys animation. Copy simply takes the existing animation and applies it to the target. Both are useful for different situations.

What it needs:

The tool needs the name of your source control and target control(Select the control(s) and click the >> button)! The tool also needs to know which attributes of the source object drive SDK’s. Then specify your object prefix (‘rt_’, ‘lf_’ etc.) and choose either Mirror or Copy!

Don’t know how to install a script? Click here!

In Maya save the following to your shelf or execute in the script editor:

import ecSDKMirror

That’s all there is to it! Run the tool and enjoy!

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or trials with the tool.

Here’s another link to the tool.