Hey, so I wrote a new tool to interface Maya with Google’s Image Search JSON API! SplashBoard allows artists to gather reference images for poses/silhouettes and apply textures all from a simple interface. Currently only supports a Mac version. SplashBoard requires Pillow! Download SplashBoard here!

Simply, what it does:

SplashBoard allows the user to enter search terms into a search bar at the top of the UI. Multiple search terms are supported, separated by commas. The tool then requests results from Google, downloading the results and resizing them to fit within Maya’s window using pillow. The images are displayed in the UI under their search term. The results field’s images can right clicked and manipulated in a variety of ways, including creating image planes, reference planes and applying the image as a texture to the selected objects.

Users can also fill the results field with custom images from their hard drive. In this way, it makes adding images into your scene super easy, regardless of whether or not their on your computer.

What it needs:

All the tool needs is a few search terms and you’re off to the races.


Don’t know how to install a script? Click here!

In Maya save the following to your shelf or execute in the script editor:

import SplashBoard

That’s all there is to it! Run the tool and enjoy!

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or trials with the tool.

Here’s another link to the tool.

Demonstration Video (vLog):